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Why You Need Video Transcription to Boost Your Online Videos

By November 21, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

To really grab someone’s attention these days, video has become a dominant force. With the incredible rise of YouTube (and other hosting and streaming platforms) video content is a necessary aid for many businesses, and a super popular tool for creatives.

Today, YouTube has over a billion users. However, with so many people watching hundreds of millions of hours of videos every single day, the path to be seen and heard online has become more weighed down by obstacles – and competition – than ever before. In order to get more views, video creators are counting on the benefits of video transcription and closed captions services.

Real Facts: The Importance of Video Transcription

You might be asking yourself, why should I have my videos transcribed? While it may seem like an unnecessary addition to your videos at first, or even too costly to make a difference, the major benefits of video transcription certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

YouTube and Google both read captions when considering SEO, so adding a complete transcript to your content can help your videos rank even higher in the search engine results. By adding video transcripts, search engines can easily crawl your content, and viewers online can quickly find what they’re looking for. Search engines index text by reading your video’s closed captions, so using optimized keywords can be the best approach to help make your videos more easy-to-find.

2. Increased Traffic & Views

Better SEO always leads to better traffic and an increased amount of video views — whether that be to your website or YouTube channel. By allowing search engines to index and rank your videos through optimized transcripts, you’ll open yourself up to gaining a wider audience and reaching more people worldwide than you ever thought possible!

3. Greater Accessibility 

Along with greater comprehension and understanding of the content overall, video transcripts open up the world to those with hearing disabilities. Simply put, closed captions allow deaf(and hard of hearing) viewers to consume and understand your videos, which broadens your audience. By improving the accessibility of videos to those with special needs and disabilities online, you will likely be ahead of the competition as well, positioning yourself as the more favorable and accessible option.

4. Better Understanding

While many people are visual learners, text is always a helpful learning supplement (especially for those who have a native language other than English). Accurate video transcriptions can enhance a viewers experience by providing a full text account of the information being presented, so that they can easily jump to a part that was difficult to grasp, and follow along with total clarity.

How to Transcribe Video Content

Our SRT format closed captions are produced by a dedicated, highly skilled segment of our transcriptionist community. By using our video transcription services, content producers, creatives, corporations and other organizations can reap the benefits of improved search rankings, reaching wider audiences, and boosting visibility online.

With low-cost video transcription options offered in easy-to-import SRT format, we provide the most complete solution for video transcripts. Contact us today for a free quote for your next project!