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Why Speech Recognition is the Key to Incredible Call Center Performance

By July 15, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

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Speech is our most efficient and personal form of communication. Hence, call center data holds a wealth of information, and the key to unlocking this is through using speech recognition technology.

Today, speech recognition has come a long way. It has so many everyday applications that it is almost impossible to avoid this increasingly prevalent technology. Due to its widespread use and the application of machine learning, speech recognition is continuously gaining in speed and accuracy. 

Call centers are often at the very core of businesses, being the main touch point between service providers and their customers. Advancements in technology have contributed to the improvement of the call center experience to some extent. However, with speech recognition technology on the up, there is plenty more room for optimization that adds great value to call centers. 

Here is how speech recognition is key to incredible call center performance:

1. It tells you more about who your customers are

User demographics are important for any business to know so as to fully understand who they are serving and how best to do so. Speech recognition can pick up on several details such as gender, age group, and dialect, all from customer interactions over the phone. All of these factors provide useful business intelligence that can steer short-term and long-term company strategies towards success. 

2. It can pick up on customer emotional cues

Speech recognition technology can be trained to detect different customer sentiments and other emotional cues. These insights help to deepen your understanding of overall customer satisfaction and feelings towards a specific product or service. In addition, hot alerts can be programmed to flag any critical keywords or phrases and automatically notify the right personnel to ensure quick resolution. This provides a real-time feedback link between the customer and their call center agent which can be analyzed to collect conversation intelligence.

3. It can help with added security measures

Speech recognition technology can recognize individual voices. This can prove very useful for caller identification purposes, as a person’s voice is as unique as their fingerprints. Instead of utilizing the standard security procedure of cross-confirming personal information on file with the caller, the voice can be identified through biometric matching. This is an important measure to uphold security at all times while helping mitigate identity fraud.

4. It helps save time through automated transcription

One of the most basic and beneficial ways of using speech recognition technology is the efficient conversion of audio to text. These transcripts are 100% searchable for keywords as well as categorizable according to customer or call-type profile. This feature is ideal for complaint analyses or quality control.

5. It boosts call center agent performance

In recording and analyzing all calls, centers are able to better monitor agent performance and identify areas where further training and support is required. These thorough analytics also include a scoring functionality, giving managers the tools needed to track and measure individual agent performance. Recent advancements in speech recognition technology takes this one step further by providing real-time cues that guide agents when dealing with customers. This can significantly lower or even eliminate human resource costs by facilitating a frequent updating of training and protocol. 

6. It identifies areas for business growth

Thanks to speech recognition, call centers are able to use analytics that help to identify new sales opportunities. This is credited to the technology pinpointing different industry trends while logging purchasing behaviour and patterns. It is with this type of intelligence that it becomes infinitely easier to identify where your business can grow so you can develop a better informed action plan. Speech recognition analytics will help you evaluate and optimize any new strategies that you employ at a faster rate.


Call centers are important business information hubs, playing a key role in leading on performance improvement. While speech recognition is the technology that enables us to tap into these powerful analytics, it is transcription that forms the basis for this technology to flourish. 

At TranscribeMe, we utilize client-specific customizations to achieve overall speech to text accuracy improvements by up to 20%, when compared with the industry’s best non-customized automated speech recognition services. Ready to take things to the next level with our advanced call center solutions? Contact our sales team to request a demo today!