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The Evolution of the Transcription Machine

By January 14, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments


A transcription machine is a device which records or processes speech for translating that speech as text. In the old days of transcription this was done on a rather chunky Dictaphone transcription machines. Typists would play back recordings through headsets and type the content as they listened, usually stopping and starting as required using foot petal controls.

In more recent times transcription machines are digital devices which record sound and can be plugged into a computer and through specialized software, be translated as text. While these transcription machines are functionally excellent the translation software has been to date, unable to return text with high accuracy rates.

The most contemporary transcription machines are currently being developed and perfected and they are the modern smart phone utilizing specially developed apps.  While some of these apps offer accurate text transcription of snippets of words they are no better for long speech recordings than software has been to date. This is in large part because it is the same software running these apps as has been running the software on computers past. So again while the transcription machines or devices are up to the task, the process or method of transcription from speech to text remains wanting. Until now.

TranscribeMe: Smart Phones as Transcription Machine

This is where TranscribeMe comes in. The advent of smart phones such as Android, iPhone or Windows phone means that the modern transcription machine is a device that everyone has, or will likely have, in the near future. That is exciting news! Why? Because TranscribeMe have created an app that will work with any type of smart phone to create accurate text from speech for the first time in the history of transcription machine evolution, that’s why!

Today, with TranscribeMe, you need only speak into a smart phone and within minutes 98% accurate text is delivered to your email and that is true whether you are dictating a single sentence or a novel. For the first time in transcription machine history the application translating the data is on par in terms of quality with the transcription machine running the application.  That it is awesome but it isn’t everything.

Interview Transcription

Interview transcription using transcription machines has always involved the transcriptionist recording all voices as part and parcel of the whole text. This typically required the recorder of the interview transcription to go back through the recording and manually align the text with the appropriate speaker. Today, using smart phones as transcription machines with the TranscribeMe app, interview transcriptions can be automatically broken into chunks of data by speaker voice. The technology that delivers this amazing service is exclusive to TranscribeMe through licence of cutting edge technology created specifically for interview transcription.