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TranscribeMe’s 5 Value Pillars Make Perfect Transcriptions Possible

By October 1, 2015October 4th, 2022No Comments

TranscribeMe is well-known for being the best in the transcription business. We pride ourselves on what we refer to as our Value Pillars, a central part of what makes our service first-rate. Voice-to-text transcriptions done quickly, accurately, and on-budget with TranscribeMe is made possible by these 5 pillars:


Our distributed micro-tasking workflow ensures transcribers cannot see confidential information without proper clearance. We firmly believe that the retention of each transcript’s integrity and confidentiality are absolutely essential to maintaining a great service.



High Quality:

Our proprietary multi-step review process provides the highest possible level of accuracy and quality for your transcripts specifically. With a unique hybrid-model that combines speech recognition technology and human transcribers, our quality and accuracy is outstanding.



Fast Turnaround:

We ensure that your transcripts are delivered on time to meet any deadline, as our process can fit any level of transcription urgency. Our standard turnaround time is under 3 business days for high quality audio files that are 90 minutes our less. Rush turnaround is available upon request.




Hundreds of thousands of domain-trained transcribers and translators are ready to take on projects of any nature, at any scale. Our combination of technology and trained human transcribers will deliver accurate, scalable transcripts to fit your needs.




Our transcriptions are cost-effective and flexible enough for any project. Our pricing model is optimized to provide you with the best transcripts at the cheapest price.

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