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TranscribeMe says Hello to the world

By November 15, 2011June 9th, 2022No Comments

This site is about all things transcription and the super new technology that is the back end of TranscribeMe. From time to time we’ll feature the team too because we are such an awesome bunch. You can possibly tell this from our picture.

We Welcome you warmly to our site. We offer you wonderful information and a peek into our lives. In return we invite you to share with us your ideas and stories. Indeed, we are rapt to see you here.

You can count on us to bring you current news and information about transcription and also about related industries. We’ll share with you particularly interesting or funny stories, let us know about yours? We’d love to hear about you and we want your opinion about what we’re writing so tell us what’s on your mind? What matters to you? For now we’ll tell you about us, where we started, where we’ve come to on this journey and where we’re headed. Hop in and enjoy the ride with us!

In the Beginning

The beginning is a good place to start so by way of introduction to our story you may want to gander at this cool story published on the Kauffman Foundation Startup Weekend site. It’ll tell you about how we came to be and I can take it from there.

Link to brilliant Startup Article back in the day when we were AudioScribe – before we found our more awesome name.

You wholesale jerseys can see from this article that as a team we had a brain love-in happening from day one. This mind melding affair is still going strong.

Our Unique Technology

From a technological point of view we have possibly the brightest minds in voice data and computer processing on the planet. We can’t tell you too much about the back end of the magic but we can tell you how it works for you and that is, let’s face it, what most people really care about.

The dudes that do the behind the scenes magic that make the ground-breaking technology seem simple:

How Transcribeme Works for You!

It’s too simple really. You are the person with something to say and you need it converted to text. Normally you would have to type this stuff up yourself or use crappy software to create 50% (if your lucky) accurate text. With us what happens is you talk into your smart-phone for as long as you want and as you’re speaking your audio is being streamed to our site. From there, in a fantastically short period, your audio is turned to text – not just any text – text that is 98% accurate.

You know this is true because when you open your email or peek in your dropbox there it is! Your text is delivered in nearly real time and it’s correctly transcribed. Not crap, I said correct. This may be hard to believe if you have ever used transcription services before but you have got to trust us, we are a game changing company. The old rules are no more.

Where We are Going

So since that fateful weekend during which our personalities were inextricably and fatefully drawn to each other we have grown from a fantastic little team to a bigger more fantastic team and from a relatively small geographic location to an international crowd. On all fronts we are racing forward at warp speed. Don’t worry! The CEO piloting our ship is an exceptional company and people driver. We can handle it.

Transcribeme Company Update

The TranscribeMe team have grown to include 12 talented entrepreneurs and at this juncture three advisors of top calibre credentials and experience. Our warp speed is evenly keeled across the areas of public relations, marketing, technology, operations, funding and networking.

Public Relations & Marketing   

While TranscribeMe are actively discerning and quantifying target markets our fan base continues to grow and our mediums for sending the message out, and bringing it home, are being developed and honed. To this end we have enlisted some professional market validation resources. Our website is up and running and our Facebook page is developing. Our blog will be filled with intrigue and information over the next few days and our list of people interested in being beta users is growing daily. We are feeling the love! Check out our fans – they are wonderful.

Technology & Operations

I’ll be honest and say I don’t fully understand how the magic works but rather marvel at how it continues to happen. At present our tech and operations departments are intrinsically bound and are intent upon continuing validation and development of our 98% accuracy results and the app, in tandem. The exciting news here is that our first major transcription piece proved our assumptions and now it’s all about streamlining. Exciting times ahead!