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TranscribeMe Execs Get Silly at GigaOM Structure 2013

By June 19, 2013September 4th, 2021No Comments

Back in April, TranscribeMe transcribed GigaOM’s paidContent Live Conference in New York. This week, GigaOM is hosting their Structure 2013 conference here in San Francisco, which focuses on changes to cloud computing and internet infrastructure. Because it’s so close to home, TranscribeMe’s CEO, Alexei Dunayev, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Bethanie Maples Krogstad, decided to pay them a visit and things got a little weird!


2013-06-19 09.54.04

As you probably guessed by now, our execs are highly skilled international spies… or they’re just very silly!

2013-06-19 09.53.56

Of course, they can be professional from time to time as well!

Be sure to check our blog for updates and a summary of the conference! If you’re interested in conference transcription, get in touch with us on our contact us form!