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How can TranscribeMe and nVivo make your life as a researcher better? For academic researchers and field workers, accurate and quick transcriptions are crucial. Many qualitative researchers spend their time in the field interviewing subjects and gathering incredible content that cannot be efficiently analyzed unless it is transcribed from speech to text.

This text content can then be tagged and analyzed using software like nVivo, but without an accurate transcription, the analysis will fail. Thus, many are forced to spend hours typing their content word for word instead of working on the analysis and write-ups for their research.

At TranscribeMe, we aim to customize our services for our clients. When some of our research clients asked for nVivo formatting, we got our operations team moving to improve our transcription services for academic researchers and so together, TranscribeMe and nVivo can make your life simpler!

Our transcriptionists accurately convert your field interviews into a format that’s perfect for nVivo software, which frees up your time to gather even more material to analyze. Moreover, using our mobile transcription app, you can record and transcribe on-the-go so that when you get back to the lab, all of your transcripts are ready to upload to the software in pdf and doc formats.

Check out our case study with academic researcher Alexandra Lee to learn more about how TranscribeMe and nVivo can improve your workflow and qualitative research analysis.

In short, we want to make it easier for you to focus on what you do best. Please let us know if there’s any way for us to improve our service. We love to hear any and all feedback!