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TranscribeMe Represents A Work platform For the Future

By August 30, 2013September 7th, 2021No Comments

TranscribeMe’s crowd-based approach to service makes it the ideal place for work and because of our unique and successful business model, envision this approach as the way of the future. Our crowd-as-a-service-platform offers flexibility and growth for its crowd and customers alike. Crowd-members live and work throughout the world and their backgrounds are equally as diverse. They speak a multitude of languages and are able to work full-time whenever they want from wherever they want.

Our work stems from our use of proprietary technology to micro-task jobs, which in our current state, entails slicing audio into 15-second chunks. These are then distributed to our crowd so that multiple people are working on different chunks of the same file at the same time. The result is a faster, more accurate, more confidential service to companies.

Our platform is diverse enough to fit enterprise or small business needs for crowd-sourced and scalable work. However, our crowd-sourced transcriptions are different from other traditionally crowd sourced labor because our platform consists of skilled professionals that go through rigorous testing procedures to join our team and by the fact that we select the most qualified workers for individual projects, and charge a single rate, so that customers can easily scale their projects and don’t have to deal with business logistics with multiple people. Our crowd also benefits by having a larger company that will guarantee their work, as well as the job security that comes with a larger organization.

Not only do we offer work, we offer a training program by which transcribers can earn badges or certifications and progress toward higher levels of pay or more hours of work. In terms of our flexibility, all our transcribers and QAs have the opportunity to work full-time on their own schedule making this a great job opportunity for anybody who needs to work from home, such as people with disabilities, parents of small children, retired workers, people that travel a lot, or that live in remote areas where the commute to the city makes it difficult to work.

We see TranscribeMe as more than just a transcriber platform. Transcription is only the first step toward building a leading platform of on-demand labor, which we expect to extend to testing, research, e-discovery, translation, and more. No private, certified, and organized crowd like this exists today, and our goal is to grow exponentially in the coming years. Join our team today and become part of a work platform for the future.