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The Affordable, Easy Way to Convert Audio to Text

By August 30, 2017November 23rd, 2021No Comments

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If you’ve ever had a need to convert audio to text, you’ll likely love this transcription tool. For business professionals, students, media experts, researchers, and many others that experience regular meetings, brainstorms, and strokes of genius, converting audio to text automatically can save heaps of time and energy.

Why Convert Audio to Text?

More efficient and effective than writing by hand, converting audio to text is a powerful tool that can benefit users with healthier bodies and states of mind. Why do so many professionals and time-savers love audio to text services?

  • It’s easier than typing notes out manually.
  • It’s available anywhere on-the-go.
  • It’s notorious for getting all the details.
  • It’s a simple way to search through dialogue.
  • It’s a proven tool for saving time and money.
  • It creates a digital index of information for fast recall.

Need we say more? Our audio to text service is incredibly accurate and reliable, boasting a hybrid transcription process. With this method to convert audio to text, speech recognition technology is first used and then expert transcriptionists come in to ensure perfected text files.

Audio to Text in 4 Simple Steps

After you set out the recorder or transcription app and capture the audio you want to convert into text, it’s a pretty painless process. Depending on the file size, audio quality and turnaround time you’ve selected, you can have your transcription voice to text in your hands in a matter of hours or days.

audio to text

Step 1: Log in to your account

You’ll see the main homepage that allows you to upload audio/video content. You can also organize your content into folders, and download completed transcripts in a range of formats.

Step 2: Upload your file.

Click the “Select files from my computer” button and choosing the file you wish to submit; you’ll see a real-time upload status to see where your file is during the process.

Step 3: Order your transcript.

Once the file is uploaded, click “Transcribe.” This will take you to the Order Details page, showing you the total price and details that can be edited.

Step 4: Receive your audio-to-text file!

After verifying payment and other details, and confirming your order, you’ll receive your finished transcripts within the time specified.

Affordable Audio to Text Transcription

Have a limited budget? Our First Draft transcription service is the most affordable transcription solution anywhere, making it much more possible get things done. With audio to text starting at $0.79 per minute, our low-cost transcription service:

  • Offers fast turnaround times (typically 2-3 business days, and often within 24 hours).
  • Features 90-95% voice-to-text accuracy, based on audio quality received.
  • Is perfect for everyone from students to busy professionals!

Looking for something a little closer to 100% perfect? Our standard transcription service is still a cost-effective way to convert audio to text and provides specialized transcription services. Our review process consists of many levels of review to ensure the highest level of quality, and we guarantee 99%+ accuracy with every project.

Ready to see how audio to text and transcription solutions can improve your life? 

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This article was originally published on April 21, 2017.