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The 3 Best Apps to Use with TranscribeMe on Your iPhone

By March 21, 2018November 23rd, 2021No Comments

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The TranscribeMe app for iPhone is better than ever, with an easy-to-use interface and robust technology. A perfect companion tool for business professionals, students, and researchers alike, our mobile transcription app allows you to record and convert audio files into accurate transcriptions right from your fingertips.

Beyond having access to powerful voice-to-text transcription that combines speech recognition technology and crowdsourced human transcribers, there are some amazing app integrations you can use with TranscribeMe to make your experience of recording and transcribing even smoother.

Top Transcription App Integrations

1. Dropbox

If you use Dropbox to save any recordings to the cloud, you can import your audio files directly into the TranscribeMe app. In our latest update, we put Dropbox importing front row center to make the process as simple as possible. Just launch the application, and you’ll see the option available under “Record.”

2. Voice Memos

Similar to our Dropbox integration, you can import any audio files you want into the TranscribeMe app directly from Voice Memos, the iPhone’s native recording app. To import from Voice Memos, you’ll need to open the Voice Memos app and select to share your recording. Then, share to TranscribeMe to instantly import the file for transcription.

3. Facebook

The TranscribeMe app allows you to register for an account with your Facebook credentials, making it a fast and seamless experience to produce the transcripts you need. After downloading the update, just choose to log in through Facebook, and you’ll be directed to enter your Facebook information – after the initial entry, you’ll only be one click away from high-quality, accurate transcriptions!

Getting Transcriptions On-the-Go

Tap into the power of being able to record and transcribe anywhere that’s convenient for you! With super easy, in-app recording for high-quality audio, you can even purchase in multiple currencies and get a push notification when it’s ready to go. With our mobile transcription app, you can order based on your needs and budget:

  • First Draft: Our First Draft Transcripts pass audio through 1 step of transcription, providing easy-to-read raw text.
  • Standard: Our Standard Transcripts pass audio through 2 layers of transcription providing high quality and easy-to-read text.
  • Verbatim: Our Verbatim Transcripts pass audio through 2 layers of transcription, providing high-quality text that captures all filler words, stuttering and speech errors.

Get TranscribeMe for iPhone from the App Store, then let us know which new integration you love on Facebook!

This article was originally published on  November 10, 2015, and has been updated for accuracy.