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The Most Secure Transcription & Speech Tech for Business

By July 13, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Large companies and enterprise businesses everywhere can benefit from the power of fast, secure, accurate transcription and speech recognition services. By transforming any of your audio from meetings, podcasts, interviews, presentations and more into text, it becomes much more searchable, helpful and profitable for your business overall.

We provide industry-leading transcription solutions, as well as speech recognition technology, for enterprise business needs. Our global community of transcription specialists work within a wide range of industries to fit any project, and are experts when it comes to transcribing content such as:

  • Meetings and interviews with multiple speakers.
  • Important conferences and seminars.
  • Market research and focus group transcripts.
  • Training materials, internal corporate videos and more.

Secure & Confidential Transcripts

Our transcription process is completely unique to the industry — using innovative speech technology and encrypted, micro-tasked project workflows for our expert human transcriptionists, we offer unprecedented confidentiality and security.

Organizations rely on accurate data to make intelligent business decisions, and require a certain level of detail that only our secure, domain-trained transcription services can obtain. Additionally, our transcription services are built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, securely storing your audio and information with top-notch security.

Specialized & High Accuracy Services

Not only is our process ultra-secure, we take advantage of a proprietary multi-step review process that ensures the absolute highest level of accuracy and quality is delivered, every time. And, with a unique hybrid platform that combines speech recognition technology and trained human transcriptionists who understand your specific corporate phrasing and jargon, your company will benefit from the most accurate transcripts possible.

Our advanced technology is the most powerful out there today, but it’s still no match for a human when it comes to accurate transcripts. Our domain-trained transcriptionists are on call 24/7 to take on any project, while setting a high standard for superior accuracy and outstanding quality.

Ready to improve your business with the most secure transcription and speech technology available? Contact our Sales Staff today!