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Searchable Videos Don’t Exist, Or Do They? With TranscribeMe, the future is here!

By May 2, 2013September 8th, 2021No Comments

In this morning’s NPR, Farhad Manjoo of Slate took a look at the future of technology, pondering whether searchable videos might become a thing of the future. Well, they should have taken a look at TranscribeMe’s website, because the future is officially here!

During the discussion called “A Look Ahead at the Future of Tech,” they spoke about video content and how it can help us document our lives. We videotape everything from meetings and conferences to personal memories, such as fun trips, kids’ performances, and anything else. As a result of this increasing collection of content, people want to look at specific videos without having to sift through piles of content. Additionally, we don’t always name our videos something that we can easily remember down the line. So how can we make videos searchable in a cost-effective and timely manner? The answer is simple: get them transcribed.

With TranscribeMe’s many cost-effective options for transcription, you can more easily organize your video content and therefore find it at the click of a button or by simply typing in some keywords. We also offer SRT formatting, which easily integrates with YouTube to let you caption your videos directly on the sitee, as well as provide a video transcript; thus making your videos searchable even on the web.

If you’re interested in transcribing your video files, check out our video transcription page, email us your YouTube links, or login to our customer portal to get started. If you’re interested in SRT, please get in touch with us directly. Thanks and as always, we welcome your comments below!