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New Customer Portal Makes Ordering Transcripts Easy!

By March 1, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get high quality, accurate transcripts. As part of these efforts, we’re excited to announce a brand new update to our Customer Portal.

What’s New:

  • We cleaned up the overall look and feel of the Customer Portal, making the file upload and ordering process more simple to follow and easier on the eyes.

  • Under your Order Details, our more “Advanced Options” have been moved to their own new sub-menu, including heavy accents, industry domain, verbatim preference and more.
  • “Number of Speakers” in your Order Details has now been changed to “Speaker IDs and Timestamps.” You can adjust or remove this option from your order as needed.

Log in to your TranscribeMe account to take a look at these changes for yourself.

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