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Low Price for Transcripts: Introducing First Draft Transcription

By August 2, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

When starting on a paper, business proposal, campaign or new idea, beginning with a first draft is something that professionals in any industry can relate to. The idea of the “first draft” is to get out your thoughts as fluidly as possible, and provide you with the overall content to shape into the finished product.

Our new First Draft Transcription services provide you with the most flexible, budget-friendly, bare essentials of any transcript. Starting at only $0.79/minute, it’s the best way to transcribe audio into text, quickly and affordably.

Why Choose First Draft Transcription?

Ideal for Students & Professionals: Get lightning fast, accurate transcripts of meetings interviews, lectures, focus groups and more.

Extremely Cost-Effective: Prices start at just $0.79 per audio minute (or lower), so you can get the transcripts you need in the most affordable way.

90% Accurate (Or More): Our accuracy averages 90-95%, making it ideal for jobs that don’t need to be completely perfect and polished.

Compare & Contrast

First Draft transcripts pass through the same first step of our proven transcription process, where a team of transcription experts work on your project simultaneously. However, while the same care is put into each transcribed word as our other services, the delivered First Draft transcript you’ll receive won’t contain things like timestamps or speaker IDs.

Additionally, these transcripts don’t go through a final editing step like our Standard and Verbatim services, so things like grammatically incorrect language is not corrected for you. Below, you’ll find examples of a First Draft transcript and Standard transcript so you can compare the differences.

First Draft Transcript

Standard Transcript

Learn more about our First Draft Transcription services, and receive a free quote for your transcription project right here.

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