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Managing Large Enterprise Transcription Projects in One Central Location

By April 22, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

Large Enterprise Transcription Projects

For many enterprise businesses operating in high-capacity industries, the ability to be agile is important. Having a cohesive system for tracking project hours, setting up guidelines for customer service interactions, and managing complex outsourced services with ease allows large businesses to become more efficient and effective.

While streamlining and centralizing processes used to be the responsibility of the company itself, the rise of many professional business services, technologies, and tools has allowed for enterprises to take a step back and focus on their own growth. Transcription solutions and other key business services offering team account functionality are helping to promote more agile, self-sufficient teams.

High Volume Needs = More Management Required

If you were to be working at a dry cleaner where the entire city’s professionals brought their clothes, you would need a good management system to keep things in check. If you were a video editor juggling multiple requests, the same thing. It doesn’t matter the scenario at-hand, it’s the same moral for every story: big projects mean many details, and many details mean more need for management. Enterprise businesses and large teams in other fields are subject to these types of massive project needs on a daily basis, often across departments and levels, and often in huge amounts.

For many companies utilizing our transcription services, the management of every project is incredibly important. In the specific case of Ernst & Young, a consultant group operating internationally, managing large transcription projects is a necessity. With a vast number of agents and representatives making voice recordings to transcribe into accurate text on a daily basis, there can be an incredible amount of individual employee projects circulating at one time.

Large volume project needs such as this help to solidify the centralized management of smaller team projects as a true cornerstone of enterprise business agility. If you’re in a situation where you’ve got multiple department heads, project leads or staff members placing orders and handling various projects within the same system, a team account setup is necessary.

Managing Transcription Projects for Large Teams

Centralization of account responsibilities plays a big role in how productive an enterprise business can be. Additionally, team account functionality is crucial to how large businesses can better manage their internal processes and purchases. At TranscribeMe, we make managing how teams purchase and receive professional transcriptions with a simple and centralized process. 

When organizations utilize a centralized transcription platform like ours, each permitted user in that organization can easily make orders, follow up with purchases, and download their final transcript. For large, team-based businesses like Ernst & Young, this type of management is invaluable to how daily operations continue to run smoothly, as they can easily manage and oversee the purchasing of transcripts from any number of users with access.

Want to get in touch with us to hear more about managing large team purchases on our platform?

TranscribeMe delivers highly accurate transcription for every transcription project, no matter if your team submits one file or 1,000. For large teams, there’s no better high-quality transcription solution. With each voice to text transcription produced by a dedicated team of expert human transcriptionists, we’re able to provide enterprise organizations, research groups, and other large teams with:

  • Incredibly fast turnaround (within 1-3 days)
  • Highly accurate voice to text transcription
  • A scalable solution for a high volume of calls
  • Formatted text, ready for any analysis platform

We have a proven record of delivering high volume speech-to-text transcriptions on schedule, accurately and at any scale for a wide variety of enterprise requirements. With a secure, automated workflow and a team of highly trained experts, we create a client-specific delivery plan and follow through precisely each and every time.

Learn more about our enterprise transcription solutions here, then get in touch with us to get more information about how our centralized system can help your large team!

This article was originally published on July 19, 2018.