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Making a Difference with Outstanding Customer Service

By December 9, 2015October 4th, 2022No Comments


A strong company requires an excellent, valuable product, and outstanding customer service. TranscribeMe’s customer-focused mission is that our support “provides excellent experiences for our clients and monitors business development to ensure customer success,” and we firmly believe in every word of it.

Great Agents Make for a Great Experience

We are always here for friendly, helpful advice backed up with clear, step-by-step instructions that anyone can digest. We’re ready and available to connect on any channel or platform that works for you!

With a highly-organized department using best-in-class tools to provide support, we are constantly working to automate and streamline the way we provide customer service to our customers. If there’s a better, more informed way to access answers quickly, we’ll find it.

The Support Team Behind the Mission

Here at TranscribeMe, our close-knit team of support agents facilitate personalized care on a daily basis. Meet the superstars that make our customer service magic happen:


Brett – Manager of Customer Support

Brett is always evaluating the our client feedback, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to see how we can make their experience even better. Working closely with our Tech & Operations team to evolve our products and services based on specific requests, Brett is a true advocate for our clients.


Eric – Customer Support Manager

Eric understands all of our products and services end-to-end to ensure our customers can find a resolution, no matter the issue that may arise. Managing our day-to-day Support Operations, Eric is a commanding force on our team.



Erin – Customer Support Associate

Erin’s A+ attitude and eagerness to always put the customer first makes her an amazing customer support agent. She’s diligent in resolving any customer issue across departments, and does it with a smile every day.


Puneeth – Customer Support Associate

Puneeth is here to answer any and all of your early morning questions. Working on both our Support and Operations teams, he has a deep understanding of how our service works and what to expect.


More Support Channels for Customer Success

In addition to our robust knowledge base of information for self-service, we provide:

  • Chat Support: Our team is standing by online to provide immediate support through our live chat system on both the TranscribeMe website and the TranscribeMe Portal when placing an order. (Available 5am-5pm PST on business days).
  • Email Support: 100% of inquiries are responded to during regular business hours. (Available 7am-5pm PST on business days).
  • Phone Support: Call us for a personal support experience at 1-800-275-5513! We’re happy to set up a screen share to walk through any product questions, provide order updates and more.

Want to connect with one of our trusty Support Staff? Contact us with any question you may have. We’re here for you!