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Make Your Resolutions Stick: Productivity Tips for the New Year

By January 3, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

The beginning of every new year marks a new opportunity for a totally fresh start, for both your professional and personal life! That desire to self-improve and strive for better is part of what makes us human. However, many people can struggle with sticking to their New Years resolutions after even just the first weeks of the year — and that’s human, too.

Lucky for humans like us, though, technological solutions exist to help us stay on track and keep the most important items at top-of-mind. For the resolution-breaker in all of us, we put together a simple list of how to reach those goals in a stress-free way.

1. Make a Good List

It all starts with your master plan: the ultimate list of resolutions you want to accomplish or work on in the year. Write out your resolutions or record a digital audio list of what you want to accomplish, and more importantly, work out a plan for how to obtain those goals in a tangible way. With our transcription app, you can easily record your most brilliant ideas and end-goals for 2017, without worrying about remembering the specifics before you can jot them all down. You can even integrate with Evernote, to store and search for bits and pieces within your resolution transcripts.

2. Set Truly Attainable Goals

No city was ever built in a day, and no real goal worth accomplishing was every accomplished in a day. Start small with your resolutions and break them into feasible chunks (much like our transcription process), rather than going full-force into one big resolution or goal. To help you achieve your main New Years’ resolution, it’s smart to set realistic mini-goals that will aid you in the process and allow you to visualize your progress along the way. Smaller goals help you to feel less overwhelmed by the thought of failure vs success, making your resolutions more possible.

3. Share Your Resolutions

If you keep all of your brilliant ideas, thoughts and personal resolutions all bottled up inside, it’s going to make it a lot more difficult to get them done. Tell a friend or family member, and even send them the finished transcripts of your resolution plan to help give you some more accountability; it’s amazing what simply sharing can do for your motivation. Want to boost that effect just a little bit more? Ask your loved ones to check in on you and how you’re doing with your resolutions, on a weekly or even monthly basis! The added structure will help you to keep your resolutions in mind, and keep the wheels moving in between check-ins.

4. Use Technology to Think Less

The less you have to think about the minute details of your resolutions, the better off your brain will be. With advances in technology, and tools like our transcription app, you can record and transcribe ANY important information, ideas and to-dos for your goals, effectively cutting back on your mental effort and overall time spent working. With high accuracy results and fast transcript turnaround in any required format, you’ll never need to worry about the details. By letting the technology do the hard work for you, you can use your free time to mentally recharge, and think more creatively!

Download the transcription app for free or get in touch for more help with your productivity!