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Make Your Call Center More Efficient with Powerful Speech to Text

By September 13, 2019November 22nd, 2021No Comments

call center speech to text

Enhancing call center efficiency and productivity can often seem like a daunting task for managers. With just a few smaller-scale changes, however, you can greatly impact your long-term performance and boost up your team’s esteem.

Using advanced speech to text solutions, it’s possible to develop a streamlined and scalable system for delivering incredible customer service. You can also maintain an integrated way to collect customer information and empower call center agents. Here are just a few of the ways that speech to text technology can improve the performance of your contact center:

Auto-Capture Important Data

Customer interactions don’t need to abruptly end when a phone call does. By recording your call center engagements as audio files, you can accurately capture every key piece of information. Our speech to text engine runs powerful data-mining on your recorded audio which can identify classifiers like customer gender, age estimation, native language, emotion, overall sentiment and more.

Help Each Individual Agent Improve

Agents are at the very frontlines of your company, fielding everything from general inquiries to more technical issues, depending on your product/service offering. Every communication is critical to your business’ end-goals, making it equally as critical to track their performance. Our technology provides instant feedback on every single call, compared to the limitations of feedback from support managers, so you can continue to measure and improve.

Easily Search Any Call Transcript

One of the biggest benefits that speech to text brings to the table is also one of the most basic: transforming audio into text-based words. Turning your customer calls into accurate text is the best way to index and search for any event or any word, in any call. This indexable, searchable content can be used for training new agents and establishing best practices, among many other key uses.

Hear and Understand Customers More Easily

Your customers’ opinion of your company, your brand, and your services can mean the difference between a successful venture and one that falls flat. Our speech technology makes it possible to truly understand the “voice” of each customer by performing in-depth data mining on recorded customer calls. In addition to providing an effective way to gauge who your customers really are, you’ll develop a greater understanding of your business’ performance.

Analyze and Optimize

Taking on a new system to increase productivity is the first step, but a proper analysis is needed to really see the improvements. Powerful data mining done by our technology platform is capable of identifying and capturing a growing list of classifiers within each recording, all of which can be easily integrated into any speech analytics software platform or 3rd party service. Armed with this thorough knowledge, you can dramatically enhance the view of your customer engagements while identifying new opportunities for business growth.

Get in touch with our sales team today to find out more about how our Call Center Solutions can help you unlock valuable data about your customers and agents.

This article has been adapted from another piece originally published on December 29, 2016.