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How to Leverage Intelligent Speech Technology in Sales & Marketing

By May 19, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Speech recognition technology is proving itself to be a notably helpful means of improving business operations for sales and marketing, and is quickly becoming established in many different applications.

Whether your needs are to streamline internal functions, better understand customer sentiment, deep-dive into optimized messaging, or anywhere in between, advanced speech technology is swiftly becoming a go-to platform for many sales and marketing requirements. Here are just a few of the ways that sales staff and marketers are taking advantage of speech technology.

Easily Index Meetings

In both sales and marketing teams, meetings come in heaps. And, every detail is vital to the ongoing health and understanding of the company. For this reason, transcription makes an appearance as a handy, on-the-go tool for recording and remembering everything.

Capturing meetings, presentations, training sessions or customer-facing assets are always helpful for maintaining the most accurate account of business operations. By archiving of this critical recorded media with transcripts, you’ll generate searchable audio content. This means that every member of the team will be able to effectively search for tags, keywords or phrases to pull up any detail at any time!

Create Intelligent Word Clouds

The process of transcribing and analyzing key audio recordings from in-depth interviews, focus groups, customer communications/interactions and even internal meetings can yield incredible insights into your main business functions, brand awareness and more.

One amazing use case for transcribing these important pieces of audio is to generate word clouds – these are visual representations of any kind of text data (in this case, your audio-to-text data) that are generally used to express keyword metadata. By transforming your transcribed audio content into a custom word cloud, you’ll have a unique visualization of the most important keywords and phrases to focus on.

Drill Down Into Demographics

Brands that understand voice search and how consumers ask questions will always rise to the top of search results, and having the tools to measure this intelligently means even more. Our Speech Recognition technology makes it possible to unlock the voice of your customer and how they feel about your product/service, as well as understand more about the health of your company as a whole.

The speech engine performs in-depth data-mining on recorded audio, identifying key demographic information, including: gender, age estimation, language, accents, emotion and sentiment, topic, speech patterns and more. Having this kind of powerful sales and marketing information will enable you to assess what needs to be improved, and then empower you to make those improvements as quickly as possible.

Ready to improve your sales and marketing initiatives with speech technology?

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