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In the Press – Announcing New Transcription Services for Media & Entertainment

By October 8, 2015September 7th, 2021No Comments

We are delighted to share our new line of of services for media and entertainment professionals. Our cutting edge speech recognition technology and expert human transcribers provide the most efficient way to transcript audio and video, produce closed captions and subtitles in multiple languages, and more!

View our official press release below, via PRWeb.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF (PRWEB) OCTOBER 05, 2015 — TranscribeMe, the leader in intelligent and accurate voice-to-text transcription technology, has announced a line of services catered directly to post-production professionals in the media and entertainment industries.

TranscribeMe services offer efficient, accurate, budget-friendly transcriptions for media and entertainment professionals, including:

– Transcription of audio and video files

– Closed captions for broadcast, film and web

– Subtitling services that support more than eight (8) languages

With outputs delivered in multiple formats, TranscribeMe can accommodate any type of transcription need for media or entertainment, including digital streaming. Using a hybrid model of speech processing technology and a crowd-sourced human transcriber platform, TranscribeMe is able to provide secure, scalable, and affordable transcriptions, with faster turnaround times than industry standard.

“Within the ever-changing world of post-production technology, it is imperative that TranscribeMe remains at the forefront of closed captioning and subtitling services,” said Sharon Turner, Head of Media & Entertainment Partnerships at TranscribeMe. “Hundreds of worldwide brands are trusted partners to TranscribeMe. We offer the superior accuracy and fast turnaround that the film and television industries require,” said Alexei Dunayev, TranscribeMe Co-founder and CEO.

TranscribeMe’s transcription process, which uniquely converts audio and video into searchable and shareable text, is the most reliable way to transform and transcribe information for pre-production and post-production, produce meticulous subtitles, perform origination and reformatting for television, film and web and more.

About TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a new kind of premium, voice-to-text transcription company, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Trusted brands worldwide across a variety of verticals use TranscribeMe’s cutting-edge services to transform audio and video content into an easily shareable, searchable and readable formats. With superior confidentiality and unrivaled accuracy, TranscribeMe’s voice-to-text services also support on-the-go transcription needs via a convenient iPhone app. Additionally, TranscribeMe offers perfect recall and rapid analysis of critical content, including closed captions, subtitles, speeches, meeting notes, interviews, and more.

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