Hybrid Tech for Enterprise: Speech Technology & Transcriptionists

Large businesses and commercial enterprise companies worldwide can benefit largely from speech recognition technologies. In the past several years, both the quality and accuracy of voice technology has become more widely adopted as forward-thinking companies, and their call centers, see its value in helping drive intelligent business decisions.

TranscribeMe provides industry-leading Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) and data mining technology solutions. Using a brilliant and unique combination of this speech technology with expert human transcriptionists, TranscribeMe is able to offer the highest quality voice data possible.

Why Use a Hybrid Solution?

Even with crisp audio recording quality and robust voice technology, human-generated transcription will always provide the highest level of accuracy. In particular, businesses that require specific types of key customer calls or IVR recordings to be read by people prior to further action, human transcription quality is always the correct, preferred method.

Automated speech recognition and trained transcriptionists, when used together, yield powerful information. ESR has the ability to convert speech into incredibly accurate text, intelligently spot keywords and collect customer metadata — when paired with expert transcriptionist’s power to record transcripts down to the smallest details, our hybrid platform ensures high quality at every turn.

Common ESR & Human Transcriptionist Uses

There are a number of ways that enterprise companies utilize this high-quality hybrid ESR and human transcription model, including:

  • Pre-flag the most valuable customers to receive the highest level of attention and post-call analysis to ensure ongoing satisfaction.
  • Get notified of customer complaints in real-time and resolve the issue before they post publicly (via social media).
  • Learn about potentially systemic issues or defect with a product/service before it becomes a larger problem.
  • Notify managers in real-time about an issue with a call center representative or prospect as the call is happening.

This technology can also determine which audio recordings are of highest importance, and automatically routes these recordings to expert human transcriptionists to ensure highest possible accuracy is achieved every time.

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