How to Transcribe your Livescribe Audio using Echo or Pulse Smartpens

Livescribe Pencast extension converter image

As a Livescribe user, you’re probably familiar with uploading your audio to Evernote.  Now with the new Livescribe/TranscribeMe partnership, you can submit that note for speech-to-text processing.

If you have the Livescribe Sky Smartpen, then your audio will be automatically uploaded and is ready for transcription as is.

If you have an Echo or Pulse Smartpen, in order to successfully submit for transcription, you’ll need to  be sure to export your pencast as a Pencast PDF or .m4a file.

Here is  an image of how you can export files in these formats:

After creating the audio file in Evernote, simply tag it with a “TranscribeMe” tag or drag your file into your TranscribeMe notebook. You’ll then receive a confirmation email either notifying you that your order went through or asking you to complete your payment on the customer portal.

That’s it. If you have any additional questions about using TranscribeMe, please check out our FAQs section or email us.

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