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How Transcription Can Make You More Efficient in 2019

By January 10, 2019September 6th, 2021No Comments

In today’s world, speed is everything – especially when it comes to business. Essentially, transcription has been around since mankind could write, and the industry of transcription services has made great strides in recent years thanks to advancements in technology. Nowadays, both audio and video content can rapidly and accurately be converted to text with great accuracy to take advantage of a multitude of benefits. Here are some different workplace scenarios which help illustrate how transcription can make you more efficient in the New Year:

Scenario #1: The Classic Office Meeting

In the corporate world, meetings – whether in person or online – are where deals are sealed. This typically implies having a handful of key players around the table, each with their own perspective to voice. Factoring everything that gets said can be a lot to take in and documenting the exchange is crucial, although tends to be an even bigger challenge. The ability to record these important meetings and have them automatically transcribed with great precision is a real game-changer! In fact, the TranscribeMe app for iPhone makes it all the easier to do this when on-the-go and can easily be integrated with other apps as an added plus.

Scenario #2: The Conference Conundrum

Researchers and students alike often find themselves attending conferences that keep them up-to-date with the latest trends in their corresponding field. It can be difficult to take notes by hand or even on your laptop or phone, while simultaneously processing what is being discussed and the thoughts & questions arise. The increasing trend of panel discussions is a sure fire way to maintain an audience’s interest, but also doesn’t make it easier to remember who said what and when. With a simple push of a button, these significant opportunities to absorb important information and insight can be recorded and converted to text, ready to copy and paste into your own notes in a digital format.

Scenario #3: The Interview Setting

For marketers, in-depth interviews and focus groups are paramount to understanding user perception as this will always influence the uptake and success of any given service or product. It is in these facilitated gatherings that plenty of valuable impressions are shared, making it essential to document so they can be referred to whenever necessary after any conclusions are made. Recording these sessions also helps eliminate other confounding factors that could make the participants feel observed in a manner that can influence their conduct and, therefore skew results. Rapid and reliable conversion of this type of recording to text means the transcript can be easily incorporated in any reports generated. Similarly, transcription can also prove extremely useful for researchers when it comes to data collection in the field.

Scenario #4: The Script & Subtitling Rundown

As the internet has connected the world in a way like never before, this often means an audience from wider than where content is created and aired is following. Hence, not everyone is on the same levels in terms of comprehension; be it due to language barriers or other obstacles such as being hard of hearing, for example. This is where subtitles and transcripts prove really useful. For many seasoned podcasters or videographers, creating the audiovisual content is a streamlined process. However, converting the audio files to text can be frustratingly time-consuming despite being necessary to help them reach a broader and more diverse public. Machine transcription takes this menial workload off their plate and rewards them with more time to continue working on what they do best – creating more new content of value!

It is clear to see that there are several common factors in all of these scenarios, all demonstrating how transcription improves efficiency in a number of different professions through time and cost saving benefits. Here is a quick list to summarize exactly how TranscribeMe’s transcription services can do so for you:

  • With rates starting at $0.79 per audio minute, it works out cheaper and more efficient than having your own transcribers in-house.
  • Outsourcing means your employees can focus on other more important tasks that can only be executed in-house. This can also help boost employee productivity as they don’t get stuck with routine tasks.
  • Machine transcription is unquestionably faster than handwritten notes as well as highly accurate, yielding reliable and timely results. Improved turnaround times are sure to make you and your clients both happier overall.
  • Transcription adds value to your video or audio content as it can easily be searched for online, helping reach a wider and more diverse (as well as inclusive!) audience.
  • You have access to highly skilled professionals with competency in any industry including market research, legal & corporate, medical and education.
  • Flexible and custom services mean that you are always paying for a service that is tailored to your current business needs.

Ready to become more efficient in 2019? Contact our sales team for a better understanding of which transcription service best suits your professional profile. Or request a demo to get started with trying it out today yourself! Still have questions? Reach out to us here!