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How to Quickly Digitize With Medical Transcription Companies

By December 15, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Medical transcription companies are making a world of difference for healthcare professionals everywhere. The medical industry as a whole is going through a digital transformation, revisiting and revamping tried-and-true frameworks to become more secure, efficient and accessible.

With today’s patients and healthcare workers far more comfortable with technological solutions than in the past, it’s become an expectation to have a digitized, streamlined way to collect, store and analyze medical information.

Dictation: A Doctor’s Best Friend

Dictating and transcribing important day-to-day items as doctor, nurse or medical assistant can be one of the most time-saving, essential tools that can be regularly utilized. By actively recording critical or time-sensitive notes, patient information and more, and then converting those audio files into written text, medical professionals can save exponential amounts of time and expended energy.

Built and refined with medical needs in mind, our secure and 100% HIPAA-compliant medical transcription service is first-rate in producing transcripts at +99% accuracy, for any large volume or on a recurring basis. Our dedicated medical transcriptionist community is on-call to convert audio to text for:

  • Operative Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medical History & Physicals
  • Biomedical Science Drafts & Theses
  • Medical Research Interviews
  • Consultation & Administrative Letters

Armed with our transcription app to securely record anything on-the-go, along with a team of professional and experienced medical transcriptionists, healthcare professionals and medical practices can quickly digitize.

The Benefits of Trained Medical Transcription

Choosing a medical transcriptionist, or transcription provider that employs medically-trained, expertly-trained medical transcriptionists, is the first step. Our unique, hybrid voice to text platform blends speech recognition technology and skilled human transcriptionists who understand your specific medical jargon, providing you with the most accurate transcripts possible.

Our medical transcriptionists produce the most detailed transcripts, including accurate timestamps and speaker IDs. By using our dedicated medical transcription services, healthcare professionals can truly focus on patient care and relationship-building.

Ready to see how our dedicated medical transcription services can benefit your practice? Get in touch with our Sales team today!