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I was sitting at home once, doing nothing – a rare event – I switched on the telly and there was an episode of Ellen DeGeneres. She had a mock-up of a hands free device, showing how its not just hands-free driving that a person can gain. She showed juggling babies, pots and pets. It was rather hilarious – if not quite true. It is true however, that technological inventions are doing much to make life easier.

Transcription software is one such innovation that is on the rise. Not quite perfect – yet – it is already a handy tool for many a busy person to use.

  • Think of the “professional mothers”, that special breed, trying to juggle a successful career with raising a child. Thanks to transcription software she can change a nappy, whilst “writing” into a microphone, converting her voice into print.
  • A frazzled businessman or woman on the run between meetings can babble into a “smartphone” right before a meeting and have the converted text on hand ready-to- go.
  • A busy medical student can “study” out loud, whilst cooking dinner, to have study notes in ready for the next day. He could even take it into theatre with him and have the software convert the surgeon’s instructions into a handy quick “how-to-guide” to surgery.

It isn’t necessarily a one-stop-solution to all jobs, but the benefits of speech-text technology are numerous, not only does it, save time, make getting from A to B in a car, whilst talking on a phone, less risky, but there are health benefits to be gained from a hands-free environment.

I’m sure many a person can relate to that uncomfortable feel of sitting at a desk for long periods at a time, the tension in your neck and back, RSI (repetitive strain injury) in your fingers and wrists from typing a hundred words a minute.

Hands-free – saves you from some of this as you can talk into text from any position. In addition being detached from your desk gives you the freedom to move around.

Meeting the 10,000 steps recommended a day to achieve optimum health!

This post as written by Corazon Miller, Journalist