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Get Better Search Rankings with a Video Transcription API

By August 9, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

video transcription api

Nowadays, it’s no secret that videos are the preferred content type for users online. Videos are much more engaging, quicker to get a message across, and easily accessed by a wider audience than a block of text — no matter how well-written. Businesses around the world are picking up on this trend and working hard on their video marketing game to help boost conversion rates. But what good is video content if users can’t find the website where it’s featured, to begin with?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Every online business wants to improve their website ranking in order to increase visibility. Putting in the work with SEO is crucial to achieving this. While there are many different angles from which you can optimize your site, adding video transcription to the list is a sure-fire way to rise in the ranks.


Subtitles Steer More Traffic In Your Direction


When considering SEO, YouTube and Google both read subtitles in video content when indexing a website. Adding subtitles, closed captions and even video transcripts to your site means that search engines can easily crawl your media content. Making sure to use optimized keywords will also help you score higher with search engine algorithms.


While your focus may be producing quality video content, keeping up with transcribing all the material you create can be a real challenge — especially when working at a high production rate. There is no need or value in creating extra work for your team, particularly in the form of more routine tasks. Outsourcing your transcription needs has never been easier, helping to save both time and money.


Our Transcription API Makes Access Easy


We understand the need for affordability and timeliness when it comes to transcription services, and we’re always looking for ways to help improve workflow efficiency. Our online transcription platform is a secure tool that makes it easy for any client to login, upload the media files they wish to have transcribed and receive the transcript in their inbox in exactly the format they need. For added practicality, our transcription API provides your service with direct access to our online platform, including full developer support and the following potential integrations: 


  • Content aggregating and market research platforms
  • iOS, Android, call recording apps
  • Usability testing software
  • Voicemail recording services
  • Conference call and webinar services
  • Text analytics software
  • IVR/contact center platforms


Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Transcription and Translation Needs


With a growing interest to do business across international borders, transcription is the key to entering new markets, facilitating translation as an easy next-step. Due to their visual nature, videos make for great universal marketing material online, while their potential to go viral heightens the appeal. As more and more companies use social media channels for promotion, video content is increasingly becoming users’ first touchpoint with their business.


At TranscribeMe, we employ the very latest in machine-learning for computer-level accuracy and efficiency. Our global community of highly-skilled transcriptionists not only ensure we deliver results in a timely fashion, but also provide valuable cultural and language expertise. We are proud of the full suite of services we offer, helping companies around the world reap the many benefits of quality transcription.


Ready to get your website ranking higher with our transcription API? Learn more about it or request access today!