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How to Get Ahead of Video Marketing Trends for 2018

By January 24, 2018December 20th, 2023No Comments

Those days where video marketing was just a commodity are long gone, as 2018 welcomes an array of video marketing trends, viewers are being spoilt as competition is soaring with captivating choices. Video marketing is vastly becoming a quintessential regime for all marketing activity. Careers are spawning from vlogs, technology is blossoming to accommodate extras for the next VR experience, and any travel company can now use 360-degree videos to boast the latest destination at the touch of a button.

How can you captivate viewers even more? Make it accessible at any time of the day, for any person possible and improve the context with subtitles. On Facebook alone, 85% of videos are played without sound. Therefore the expectancy to have transcriptions throughout to assist the audio is now a necessity, it’s now crucial that every business practicing video stays ahead of the upcoming video marketing trends.

Save And Share Your Live Video

With almost every social platform supporting the live video trend, 2018 is expecting this usage to rocket, as on average live videos are watched three times longer than any other video. It’s real-time, interactive and can explore many ways to get creative. Alongside the storytelling aspect, customers now want to see more footage of businesses everyday reality which complements the format of a live video.

Tip: Always save it, moments are not created to dispose of and additional viewers who may have missed it or couldn’t access it at that time can subsequently see these at a later time when shared. There’s also a possibility the viewers had trouble hearing or restricted access to play the video out loud, in this case, a transcription with subtitles would be beneficial to all moments.

Use Your 360-Degree Videos To Go Worldwide

Introduced in 2014, technology advances have made this possibility accessible to various other users who are now exploring areas of the world or gaming. 86% of businesses currently use their video as an effective marketing tool, and with higher expectations due to competitive advantages – those businesses are now branching into every video marketing trend there is. In many 360-degree examples, there is sound but no subtitles, which is where interactive capabilities struggle. Videos cannot always be watched by those who can explore sound, therefore having descriptive noise for these experiences ultimately makes the video more engaging and realistic.

There’s Potential Future of VR With Guided Assistance

Samsung Gear headsets had over a million hours of video content watched in 2016, reports Facebook. But this is not just a toy for a business experiment, it can, in fact, be used for much more than that. With a forecast reach of 171 million users for 2018, users can now expect the introduction of next-generation features. With a subtitled guide through any experience, the user has more instruction to help them through the process. If they are transcribed with a service, you are only inviting more users to become a part of your experience. You can submit your content and have a professional caption the whole experience and match the time frame to each spectrum.

Square Shape Your Video For Social Compliance

Due to the rise of mobile usage and accessibility to all age groups, marketers are now expected to create their video content in a square specifically. 80% of people consume information through their phone and social platforms. On Facebook alone, square footage of video content occupies 78% more space in users news section and receives a higher percentage of engagement.

To accommodate the possibility of any content to be viewed, subtitles are a necessity. The mobile usage for videos could mean that the viewer is in unexpected conditions, therefore no business can run the risk of not having that person watch their video.

Face It: Your Video Needs SEO

With research proving that video is the epicenter of marketing trends for 2018, it becomes more apparent, that SEO value is the best way to connect with consumers to make your content more valuable over any potential conflict. 87% of digital marketers use video content and chances are they will already be ahead of captioning every second. If videos are expertly captioned, benefits are apparent from the detail, smaller jobs like this taken care of by a professional will also free up time to work on the content itself.  

Just like mobile devices are a part of consumers daily lives, video content is too. With all video marketing stretching to most of our everyday apps, in some cases, it’s an expected requirement for video marketing trends of 2018 to consider the viewer.

If you’re ready to have all your marketing videos transcribed, then wait no more. Reach out for a quote or start with a free account to get warmed up.