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Crowdsourced Community: The Benefits of Human Transcription

By February 10, 2016September 21st, 2023No Comments

We built our transcription process end-to-end to take advantage of the best of both worlds; a unique hybrid-model that combines speech recognition technology and human transcribers to produce transcripts at outstanding quality and accuracy. 

Automated speech recognition technology has advanced wildly in the past few years, but, while our efficiency and accuracy with this ASR technology has improved dramatically in this timeframe, there are still many reasons to utilize human transcriptionists to do the heavy lifting.

1. People can be reliable when technology sometimes isn’t.

Technology can function quite different in theory versus in practice. Real, human transcribers are able to pick up the slack, and even improve accuracy, when the technology can’t. And, while our ASR technology is increasing in accuracy every day, the accurate, high quality end-result that a live person can produce is unbeatable.

2. Experts are domain-trained from all over the world.

Over 100,000 trained transcribers and translators are on-call and ready to take on projects of any nature, making it easy to produce accurate transcripts at large scale. Many of our transcribers are experts across one or multiple industry verticals, including Medical, Legal, Business and Education, so transcripts are completed by someone familiar with the field, jargon and any other industry-specific information.

3. Details and preferences are more easily perfected.

Getting transcripts done correctly, and word-for-word, is incredibly important to properly convey the message or purpose. Humans, as opposed to speech recognition technology, are very skilled at picking up subtleties such as accents, regional speech patterns, and unusual or domain-specific words.

Additionally, our skilled transcribers can differentiate between full (un-edited), clean (removed “umms” and “ahhs”) and edited (cleaned up with proper grammar) verbatim, and are able to turnaround projects according to formatting specifications, making the look and feel just right!

Interested in seeing how TranscribeMe’s expert human transcribers work for you?

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