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Confidential & Quality Transcription in the Medical Field

By April 1, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Medical transcription has become increasingly important in professionals’ efforts to streamline the healthcare delivery process. Time is precious in the medical field, and every minute saved means that more people can be helped; their lives improved.

Transcription for medical practitioners is the ideal way to save time – it enriches your recorded audio content by converting it to highly accurate, easily searchable text. Professional transcription services can save medical practices valuable time and resources across many areas and requirements of the job process. Accurate, secure transcription delivered by the experts at TranscribeMe can yield great results for doctors, while still complying with industry standards and requirements.

Always Confidential & HIPAA-Compliant

Our process is completely unique to the industry; we’ve built a workflow made of micro-tasking your audio into small sections. As a result of this task flow, each transcriptionist only has access to a very small portion of your content as a whole, hosted in an encrypted and confidential environment. Our transcription service is 100% HIPAA-compliant, and built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which securely stores your audio and transcript information with best-in-class security.

Highest Quality & Accuracy Possible

Medical practices rely on accurate data to take care of others, and require a certain level of detail that only our secure, domain-trained transcription services can obtain. We take advantage of a proprietary multi-step review process of your transcribed content that ensures the absolute highest level of accuracy and quality is delivered every time. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy or higher in all of the work we do.

Available When & Where You Need It

With an easy-to-use mobile dictation and transcription app, healthcare professionals can accurately record and transcribe their notes, ideas and meetings anywhere, anytime. After uploading your audio content via mobile or online, our hybrid transcription platform uses powerful speech recognition mixed with the world’s largest crowd of trained transcriptionists to provide your medical practice with the most accurate transcripts at any required turnaround time or high volume.

Domain-Trained Transcription Specialization

With a unique, hybrid platform that combines speech recognition technology and trained human transcriptionists who understand your specific medical phrasing and jargon, your medical practice will benefit from the most accurate transcripts possible.

Our global community of transcription experts specialize in a wide range of medical transcription work to fit any of your potential needs, including:

  • Operative Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • History and Physicals
  • Medical Research Interviews
  • Biomedical Science Drafts, Theses and Other Papers
  • Consultation and Administrative Letters


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