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Conferences Maximize Content Value with Transcription Services

By October 20, 2014September 21st, 2023No Comments

See how SociaLoco increased attendee engagement by partnering with TranscribeMe for their social technology conference in San Francisco.

Industry Focus: Conferences and Events

Social-Loco is a premier San Francisco Bay Area event that focuses on the convergence of social media, location and mobile web, and their impacts on the tech ecosystem, brands, agencies and consumers. Executives from Facebook, Google, Qualcomm, Nokia, Waze, ATTi, Microsoft and leading investors come to address these topics in a highly interactive setting.

With the rise of digital marketing, telecommuting and self publishing, more audio data is being created than ever before. Conference organizers create intense moments where ideas, views and inspiration can flourish – but struggle to create long-term value from this audio content after the event is over.
Social Loco recognized that the content being generated at their events was highly valuable – to attendees, speakers, the press, and outside experts. However, that value was locked away in hard to share and lengthy to listen to audio files. This presented a major problem. The challenges were identified and segmented as follows:
Engaging attendees – people attend events to learn, but cannot be in two places at once. When events run multiple speakers concurrently, or if attendees are having conversations outside the room, valuable learning’s are lost to them.
Engaging the press – feeding timely sound bites to the press is recognized as key to gaining coverage and prestige for events. However, finding those moments by reviewing audio is time consuming, and the window of opportunity for press engagement closes fast.
Establishing thought leadership – content creators are increasingly digitizing their audio in order to create libraries of their work, thoughts, and conversations that arise from unique and unplanned interactions – ones that happen at events often. The ability to easily reference conversations, through a keyword search, allows a continuous conversation about ideas as they develop over time but is difficult to create.
Increasing attendees and revenue through digital search – search engine optimization is critical to sales and marketing, and it’s driven by good content. Event organizers have an ace up their sleeves in this regard. By transcribing and publishing event content online, events content is more likely to be indexed and referenced, and the event is more likely to be attended and highly regarded. This is great but traditional transcription services are costly and time consuming – two factors which negate increased revenues and timely implementation.

The Solution

Social Loco was looking for a partner to help capture, transcribe, and share their content. However, the service needed to be highly accurate and able to meet the challenging deadlines required for conferences and events. They chose to work with TranscribeMe because of the potential speed and accuracy their new hybrid platform promised to deliver.

The Result

Because TranscribeMe is built on a hybrid platform that combines voice recognition technology with crowd-sourced transcribers, Social Loco was able to receive their transcribed audio quickly, with 98% accurate text, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional transcription companies. TranscribeMe’s relationships with audio visual service providers also meant there was zero work for the organizers of Social Loco to do – they created the event, and received the transcript, with no hand-holding required.
Thanks to TranscribeMe, Social Loco was able to engage with their attendees in a new and valuable way. The
conference transcriptions were downloaded over 200 times – from 200 attendees, this demonstrated the true value people found in this content more than any other metric could. Social Loco and TranscribeMe continue to work together to enable search, share and monetization of valuable content created by Bay Area thought leaders.