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Bite Writers write in Bits and Bytes

By March 29, 2012July 13th, 2023No Comments

The sound bite is the medium used to send content to the crowd of Bite Writers who convert bites to bits and bytes – or in other words, audio to digital text.

This is an exciting new concept in crowd sourcing, it will revolutionize the hybrid computer/human crowd model and it is unique to TranscribeMe. We do not call our crowd ‘transcribers’, we call them Bite Writers and we do that because this crowd is not at home on their computers with their foot pedals. They may not even be on their laptops. Bite writers work from anywhere and everywhere using any number of digital devices and not always the same ones. They do not fit the traditional demographic profile of the mid-aged, female, transcriber although TranscribeMe will retain that pool as well. Bite Writers are the early adopter workforce who are comfortable with technology and open to a new way of doing business.

Bite writing will be popular among a range of people with minutes to spare. “According to estimates by Cisco, by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile Internet devices in use globally. The world population is expected to be 7.3 billion in 2016, so that’s 1.4 devices per person on the planet. Smartphone traffic will grow to 50 times the size it is today by 2016.”

It is unlikely that this distribution of mobile internet devices will be spread evenly around the planet. It is more likely that the citizens of wealthier nations, a majority of these English speaking, will have multiple devices and will therefore be available online everywhere, all the time. We envision a crowd of Bite Writers who will access audio wherever they are, in queues, at the supermarket, traffic jams or waiting for kids to get out of school. In the time they have to spare, they will convert audio bites to bits and bytes, and their efforts will make them money.

Bite Writers write in Bits and Bytes and they are the most compelling, innovative component of the company that is TranscribeMe.