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Automated Speech Recognition: The Power of the Voice of Your Customer

By December 7, 2015July 12th, 2023No Comments

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There has always been a need for humans to be understood by technology. Even more fundamental than the desire for AI machines, however, is the goal to use the interaction between humans and computers through access to knowledge to result in a prosperous learning experience for both.

What is Automated Speech Recognition?

At it’s most basic level, ASR is powerful technology that allows people to use speech to communicate with a computer interface in a way that resembles normal human conversation.

TranscribeMe created our advanced High Accuracy ASR technology based on our award-winning voice to text service that combines artificial intelligence with highly-trained, crowd-sourced transcriptionists all around the world. This allows for real-time speech-to-text translation to accommodate big speech data companies, and large scale projects in any industry.

Listen To & Understand Customers

It becomes much more simple to access analytics to learn more about your customers by using data gathered from speech recognition, including demographics and sentiment, to help your business stay on top of both who your customers are and how they feel about your company. TranscribeMe’s High Accuracy ASR is highly effective in spotting keywords, obligatory phrases, colloquial words and more, to provide a pathway to understanding the voice of your customer and ensuring a positive experience.

Along with providing a tool to measure your agents’ performance and overall support effectiveness, you can create hot alerts for call agents and managers to automatically detect when keywords and phrases are used.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.35.51 AMEnhance Business Performance

More than a powerful business tool, the TranscribeMe high accuracy speech recognition service is an indicator of the future of human-to-computer interaction and understanding.

Using intelligent algorithms, the combination of technology and trained workers continues to learn from companies’ knowledge base data in tandem with customer metadata, generating accurate results at any scale. The algorithm is a robust, ever-evolving system that will continue to learn from customer interactions and generates Big Speech data, providing more valuable insights than ever before.

With ultra-fast and comprehensive speech analytics based on the voice of your customer, you can locate voice data in real-time to help make your business more intelligent in the long-term. Your customers’ demographics, sentiment and metadata, as well as powerful indexing and enhanced search capabilities all contribute to the success of the technology deployment in your business.

To learn more about how TranscribeMe’s Automated Speech Recognition Technology can improve your customer communication and business performance, call us today!