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5 Ways to Boost Your Professional Productivity with Transcription

By December 15, 2015July 12th, 2023No Comments

Business professionals spend much of their time spent sitting at the computer and being on-the-go. With so much of the labor pool typing away the day, it becomes necessary to adopt new, creative ways to remain productive and work smarter.

Thanks to advances in voice-to-text technology and society’s ever-advancing use of smartphones and other connected devices, being productive is easier than ever! Transcription has amazing potentials for relieving stress, recording ideas, and cutting back on time spent typing at the office so you can breathe easier, think more creatively, and get more done.

Here are some of the many ways that transcription gives your productivity a boost:

1. Plan through your to-do’s before even reaching the office.

The beauty of having a speech-to-text app on your side is that you can dictate and transcribe anywhere you are. Whether your commute involves a carpool, taking the bus, hopping on the subway, or simply walking, you’ll always have a source to quickly record your to-do list for the day with the TranscribeMe app for iPhone. Perfect, word-for-word transcriptions can be delivered to your email by the time you reach your destination.

2. Record + transcribe your meetings, interviews, and more. 

It’s a simple as putting your phone on the table, opening an app, and pressing record. By recording and transcribing your meetings, focus groups, multi-speaker interviews and conferences, you’ll allow your brain to focus on the conversation at hand, rather than thinking about absorbing all of the information for later. With expertly-transcribed documents turned around quickly, every detail of every meeting can be tracked and recorded.

Untitled design-263. Dictate any of your ideas, outlines and projects, anywhere.

Record your most brilliant ideas, outline project specs, brainstorm marketing materials and more, without worrying about remembering the details before you can write them all down.

With TranscribeMe for iPhone, jotting things down can go from a few lackluster notes, to powerful statements, just by using your own voice! You can even integrate TranscribeMe with Evernote, to store and search for text within your transcripts with ease, making it easy to recall anything perfectly.

4. Share perfect notes with your colleagues and coworkers. 

After you’ve used the mobile app to convert speech-to-text in your meetings and conferences, you can quickly share the transcribed output directly with your colleagues, so they can save valuable time that they would have otherwise had to spend listening to audio recordings or taking notes. Having perfectly transcribed sessions also means that you can store the output digitally, and easily search for specific areas or high-level action items that may have been mentioned.

5. Let the voice-to-text technology do the heavy lifting for you. 

Anywhere you may go, our speech-to-text app is there with you. With these advances in technology, you can record and transcribe ANY information, ideas, meetings, materials and more, effectively cutting back on your mental effort and overall time spent working.

With high accuracy results and fast turnaround in any required format, you’ll never need to stress about the details again. Let the technology do the hard work for you; use your newly-acquired free time to go for a walk, recharge, and think more creatively!

With the use of voice-to-text services and software, anyone can experience the increase of productivity that comes with cutting back on typing and worrying about the little things. Download the TranscribeMe app for iPhone now, or visit our website to learn more about how transcription can benefit your productivity!