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5 Unmissable Tools for a Productive Workplace

By November 29, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments


From your phone blowing up with endless WhatsApp notifications, to the noisy coffee machine in the corner of the office, the modern-day workplace is full of disruptive distractions that stand between you and your work. It’s harder than ever to stay focused in a world that’s moving so fast. 

But whether you’re a corporate whizz stuck in never-ending meetings, or a remote worker trying to knuckle down in a busy café, there are plenty of tools out there to help you stay focused and on track. Here are 5 unmissable tools you need to keep you productive in your workplace, no matter where that may be. 


1. Google Docs – for working in collaboration

When it comes to producing work with others, Google Docs trumps them all. It allows all of your team to work on a single document at the same time in real-time collaboration. You can also suggest edits for others to approve, and create different shareable links to choose who has the power to make direct edits, make comments, or just view the file. Plus, Google Docs is available from your phone, tablet or computer, whether you have an internet connection or not. All version history is backed up and recorded, so you can say goodbye to emailing different versions of the same document back and forth between your teammates, collaborators or clients.

2. TranscribeMe App – for maximizing focus in meetings

Ever missed a key point in a meeting, because you’re rushing to take notes at the same time? The TranscribeMe App allows you to record every presentation, meeting or phone call and turn it into text format. This means you can search and review the content instantly, allowing you to fully focus on participating in your meeting. The TranscribeMe App allows you to record directly from your phone or tablet and upload it to TranscribeMe’s transcription platform. In addition, iPhone users can even upload directly from apps like Dropbox and Voice Memos. 

The TranscribeMe App has an easy-to-use interface and the highest-quality audio recording to make sure you get the best quality transcripts, delivered to you in no time.


3. Slack – for better communication between teams

If you’re working in a team, there’s no better communication tool than Slack. You can keep conversations clearly organized in different “channels”, message teammates privately, and hop effortlessly between workplaces – perfect if you work with multiple clients. It has plenty of fun elements built-in too, like sending GIFs to your colleagues or starting a “Lunch-train” to decide when you’re grabbing lunch together. On desktop and on mobile, Slack is a must-have to keep your team communicating effortlessly.


4. Harvest – for tracking time and working efficiently

Ever had a working day slip you by and wondered where all that time went? Then Harvest is the tool for you. Harvest allows you to easily track your time as part of different projects so you can see how much you’re spending and on which task. If you’re managing a team, you can also track the productivity of others to make sure that everybody is being as efficient as they can. Plus, if you require time tracking in order to bill clients, then Harvest can help you to automatically produce invoices by pulling your billable time and expenses directly from the application. Be wiser with your time and add Harvest to your productivity stack today. 


5. Asana – for project management

Project management proves a challenge to even the most disciplined of workers. Plans get disorganized as soon as you actually get to work on them, deadlines change, priorities shift, and there’s always a huge number of moving parts to keep track of. Asana helps you to track all your projects in one place, clearly define who is working on which task and discuss the progress as you go. Color coding projects helps to keep everything visual, and Asana’s automation feature minimizes laborious, repetitive tasks. Get organizing with Asana today and ensure that both the smallest of tasks, and the bigger picture, are taken care of.


Using these tools will put you in pole position for increased productivity in your workplace. But while you’re revolutionizing your team collaboration, time tracking and project management, don’t forget the incredible potential that transcription has to offer in making you and your team more efficient.

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