5 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Contact Center Efficiency

The efficiency and productivity of any company’s contact center is paramount to its overall success; the agents and processes acting as fundamental pieces of a customers’ experience that lead to a positive return on investment.

By establishing a streamlined way to deliver amazing, scalable customer service and experiences, along with gathering key information, it becomes much more possible to improve business processes as a whole. Speech Recognition solutions improve contact center performance holistically in a few distant, yet equally important ways.

1. Measure agent performance and effectiveness.

Customer-facing representatives are the backbone of any contact center’s mission, communicating directly with customers day-in and day-out; it’s vital to manage these communications and track the overall effectiveness of each agent on the lines. Our ESR technology provides feedback on every single call that takes place, whereas support managers can only monitor so many at once. This feedback helps companies evaluate and measure agent performance in order to continually optimize efforts.

2. Generate searchable content.

By effectively converting customer recorded audio into text, proper indexing and searching is immediately made possible. Integrating this media with formatted transcriptions as part of the process allows employees and contact center managers to search for key words and phrases at the drop of a hat. This indexable, searchable content can be easily used for future training purposes, establishing best practices within the contact center itself and more.

3. Capture important customer metadata.

Capturing customer information allows companies to fully understand the people they serve, leading to more informed business decisions. Our ESR technology runs powerful data-mining on your recorded audio, and can identify classifiers like: gender, age estimation, language, accents, emotion, sentiment and more. In addition, voice biometrics provide the ability to identify and verify customers as needed.

4. Create custom keyword alerts.

Unhappy customers can pop up at any contact center in any industry; what’s important is how these issues are handled (and how quickly they can be escalated if needed). Hot alerts effectively locate and determine which calls require urgent attention based on the key words or phrases triggered. Then, the system automatically alerts the proper personnel for faster resolution.

5. Adopt customized language models with IVR.

ESR solutions deliver speech-to-text in as close to real-time as you can get, as well as at the highest possible accuracy. This is achieved by deploying fully customized language models trained specifically using your contact center or IVR audio. By adopting a custom language model, ESR technology will be able to effectively evolve and learn from pre-existing information and communication processes.

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