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4 Things Your Business Should Transcribe with Voice to Text

By March 2, 2017September 4th, 2021One Comment

Almost any industry and type of business can benefit from using transcription services to convert voice to text. Healthcare administrators, conference organizers, agencies, insurance agents, legal secretaries, non-profit workers, and other high-demand roles have been outsourcing transcription for years now, and have seen remarkable time and money-saving results.

Digital audio recorders and dictation apps are quickly replacing speed-typing on the computer or jotting down notes on pen and paper – the busy schedules of nearly every profession leaves little-to-no time for accurate documentation, making accurate voice to text services more and more critical for today’s companies to stay productive, efficient and within budget.

1. Customer Feedback

The nature of your business doesn’t change how critical customer feedback is to its sustained growth. If you operate with a call center or support line that legally records customer calls, using voice to text services can be an eye-opening experience for the health of a company. Our voice to text services help organizations like H&R Block and Ernst & Young to learn more about their business’ health and customer satisfaction, just by transcribing audio files of customer feedback and analyzing the results.

Pro tip! Enhance audio quality and/or trim your audio files before submitting to get more bang for your buck. 

2. Videos & Podcasts

Modern businesses are taking advantage of transcribing video content and transcribing podcasts for the benefit of the digital world. While creating relevant, helpful, branded video and audio content is a great first step, you’ll never realize the true potential without converting the files from video or voice to text. Having your company’s videos, podcasts and webinars transcribed has been proven time and time again to:

  • Improve search engine optimization (SEO) and overall traffic.
  • Create better accessibility (especially for those with hearing disabilities).
  • Allow for more frequent, easier sharing of the content.
  • Be quoted and credited by other businesses or third-party sites more often.

3. HR Reports & Claims

Human Resources and administrative professionals often find themselves in charge of a multitude of internal interviews, recruiting calls, hefty reports, organizational management, record-keeping, and claims, to name a few key responsibilities. With such a large amount of work involving employee-to-employee communication and paperwork, HR departments can take advantage of fast, accurate and always-confidential voice to text solutions to streamline important business procedures.

4. Interviews & Meetings

Important meetings, brainstorms, and interviews with current or potential employees are all constantly happening in the business world. No matter your industry, departments, and workers are buzzing with ideas and interaction – much of which is never documented quite right. By using the help of dictation apps and recorders to capture audio, and then a transcription service to quickly and accurately convert voice to text, you will be able to save hours of time otherwise spent transcribing by hand or attempting to recall information.

Are you a startup or small business looking for a more cost-effective voice to text solution?

Our First Draft transcription service is the most affordable way to get transcriptions anywhere and makes it easy for companies with tight budgets to convert voice to text affordably. Our low-cost transcription service:

  • Starts at just $0.79 per audio minute.
  • Offers fast turnaround times (typically 2-3 business days, and often within 24 hours).
  • Features 90-95% voice-to-text accuracy, based on audio quality received.

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