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3 Big Benefits of a Fully-Integrated Transcription API for Business

By September 25, 2018May 10th, 2023No Comments

transcription API for business

When you’re handling incredibly large amounts of audio and video files that frequently need to be transcribed into accurate text, finding the right solution that’s affordable, scalable, secure, and effective across teams is vital. At first glance, this could mean major media companies with neverending video content or universities with mass amounts of student submissions, but it also applies to business organizations whose various departments require transcription services to be managed all in one place.

Implementing a robust transcription API for your enterprise business use-case allows for even greater leverage of the transcription platform, putting the power of standardized, bulk transcription at your fingertips. The fact is that a transcription data API has many business benefits and can be used as a tool for strategic organizational and customer service improvement; they offer some of the most flexible and strong methods for increasing your organization’s value and solidifying long-term growth.

The Major Advantages of a Transcription API

APIs are changing how many companies are conducting business. Whether your organization wants to make transcription data available to clients or have access to a centralized platform for internal employees and managers to submit and fulfill transcription requests, having a transcription API can be key to achieving and keeping your competitive edge.

Here are just a few of the ways that our transcription API is here to help your organization:

1. Streamlined, scalable services

One of the greatest benefits of a transcription API is what it can do for internal operations. Imagine if every department manager and required employee at your company had access to submit custom orders, all while regulated under the same neat umbrella; efforts would be streamlined and supported in such a way that you’d have all the services you need even as you scale. The current internal function of these processes can always be optimized without losing any productivity with the help of an easy-to-build API, customized workflows, and the ability to select many product types.

2. Secure data transfer

Data security is of the utmost importance for organizations in any industry today – with the threat of breach so high, it’s imperative to adopt secure and stable processes for transferring data. With an integrated transcription API, every important audio and video file that passed through the platform is 100% secure from potential prying eyes, as well as every finalized transcript that’s created as a result. A transcription API is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that compliance in security is met, so your data is always safe.

3. Limitless functionality and integrations

Making your business more powerful by integrating with a transcription API opens up new worlds. At TranscribeMe, we pride ourselves on offering a spread of options while using our transcription services, either through platforms that we’ve integrated with or through API, SFTP, and the like. All of these benefits (and others not mentioned here) work together to provide your business with a competitive advantage.

How It Works: A Simple, 3-Step Workflow

The TranscribeMe API gives your enterprise business service direct access to our transcription web service, so you can link your account with TranscribeMe, upload media files, order transcriptions in any amount, and receive your transcripts via e-mail to your exact specifications. Our simple, 3-step process takes your audio and video files and transforms them into accurate text in no time.

1. Upload your audio or video file to your account.

2. Submit the transcription order to be fulfilled.

3. Receive the transcript in an email when it’s complete, and then pull the transcript to any location.

Our transcription API provides the most up close and personal interface with our transcription service, with all of the main functionality of our web platform made available via your API integration. We have successfully integrated with a number of companies including Evernote, IPSOS, and NVivo. With a well-documented and robust API, we are always looking to form complementary partnerships.

Some potential integration partners include…

  • Content aggregating platforms
  • Market research platforms
  • iOS, Android, call recording apps
  • Usability testing software
  • Voicemail recording services
  • Conference call and webinar services
  • Text analytics software
  • IVR/contact center platforms


Reach out to us with any questions on our homepage live chat, and learn more or request an API right here: