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How Does Speech Recognition Work Exactly?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle, combined with a growing preference for finding simplified ways of completing daily tasks and responsibilities, has led to the proliferation of the use of speech recognition. Indeed, since Google’s introduction of voice search in 2011, which was then considered a novelty, the feature is now one that users regularly rely on. What’s more, improvements in speech recognition…

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How to Take Excellent Meeting Notes (Our 7 Tips to Get You There)

Leaving the meeting room with concise notes that effectively summarize key points and action items is crucial to getting the most out of a meeting. However, in the busyness of the day-to-day and with multiple distractions competing for our attention, we might not always end up with notes of the highest caliber. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways that…

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How to Transcribe Your Videos in 3 Easy Steps

At this day in age, transcribing your videos could not be any easier, thanks to the wide range of online tools available. Many of them fall short however, when it comes to the quality and accuracy of their offerings. At TranscribeMe, the accuracy average of our transcription services starts at approximately 98%, and you can expect your transcript to be…

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